Break Free From a Career (and Life) Rut: Entrepreneur and Writer Amber Rae Reveals How


In an age where “follow your passion” has become cliché, finding or creating genuinely meaningful work can be a daunting task. But Amber Rae doesn’t think it has to be. In fact, the writer and entrepreneur is working hard to make this elusive chore not only tangible but a seamless part of everyday living.

As a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur, Amber has collaborated with brands like Apple, Photojojo, The Unreasonable Institute and The Future Project. She’s also launched her own ventures, including New York Nightowls, The Bold Academy, The Passion Experiment and The Alive Tribe. While Amber’s projects might range in size and complexity, her mission remains consistent: empower creatives to discover and cultivate their most inspired and authentic work.

In this episode, Amber and I discuss:

  • How to push beyond the comfort zone and ask more productive questions
  • Three things anyone can do to break free of a career and life rut
  • The value of taking action and why it’s actually easier than it might seem
  • How to utilize an audience to create more compelling, dynamic work
  • Why manufacturing inspiration isn’t always a bad thing
  • The process beyond creativity
  • Why community might be the greatest contributor to innovation
  • The role of inspiration and empowerment in the life of a creative person

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