Crown Publishing Group Editor Matt Inman on the Rapidly Evolving Publishing Industry


It’s estimated that some 11,000 new business books are published each year—almost 1,000 every month. And yet still, attracting the attention of a traditional publisher remains inherently challenging. Fear not. Matt Inman may be able to help.

Matt is an editor at Crown Publishing Group—an imprint of Penguin Random House. Previously he’s held positions at ABC Sports/ESPN, HarperCollins, and Hyperion. Throughout his career, Matt has acquired and/or edited numerous New York Times best sellers, as well as the winner of the American Library Association’s Alex Award. In other words, the rising young editor knows how to pick ‘em.

In this episode, Matt and I discuss:

  • The evolving publishing world and what it means for budding authors
  • How to better attract the attention of a traditional publisher
  • The rise of self-publishing and what it means for writers (and readers)
  • How to find and retain the right literary agent
  • The role a prospective author’s tribe plays in landing a book deal
  • What type of book advance a first time author can expect
  • Why the roles of publisher and investor are more similar than most realize
  • How traditional publishers are staying relevant in a rapidly changing industry

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