Serial Entrepreneur and Social Enterprise Advocate Hugh Whalan on How Business Can Change the World


By 25-years-old, Hugh Whalan had accomplished something most people only dream of: he’d traveled to over 30 different countries and cultivated a deep passion for social enterprise.

Less than a decade later, the serial entrepreneur has started three businesses in Africa focused on delivering energy to some of the poorest consumers on the planet. His last company, Impact Energies, was acquired by a NY based investment firm. Today, he is the CEO of Persistent Energy Ghana.

In this episode, Hugh and I discuss:

  • Which businesses models are more conducive to creating large-scale global impact
  • How travel can change the way an entrepreneur approaches work and life
  • The role of “conscious capitalism” in global business
  • Why destination entrepreneurship is a rapidly growing segment
  • What anyone can do to start a successful business in a foreign country
  • Why understanding one’s target audience is crucial for any entrepreneur
  • The future of sustainability and the fleeting “green movement”
  • How crowdfunding can be used as a tool for good

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