Wakefield Co-Founder Tarek Pertew on the Future of Work


If there’s one thing Tarek Pertew knows it’s startups.

As the co-founder of Wakefield Media and the creator of the Uncubed conference—the largest startup hiring conference in the world—Tarek is passionate about connecting the world to extraordinary companies through digital and experimental content.

In this episode, Tarek shares:

  • Why curation will become even more important as the web gets louder
  • The importance of meaningful work and the changing attitudes around job satisfaction
  • Which business models work best in which markets
  • How colleges are missing the mark when it comes to introducing students to startups
  • How creating a happy, innovative, and challenging work environment can be the most important part of employee retention
  • What you need to know to build powerful and prosperous online and offline relationships
  • How job seekers can better position themselves when looking for a new opportunity
  • The power that “employer brand” plays in the job market
  • How becoming an authority in a space can be the ultimate differentiator

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